Code of Professional Conduct for Daigou & Brand Partners

Daigou & Brand Partners will:

1. Conduct business in a honest and competent manner.

2. Conduct business and conduct themselves in accordance with laws relevant to cross border trading.

3. Treat personal information obtained in a professional capacity as private and confidential

4. Provide impartial, honest and accurate information in relation to products.

5. Support the Chinese buyers with credible and relevant information, assist them in their decision making process of acquiring goods from Australian/International locations.

6. Promote and preserve the trust and privilege inherent in the relationship between brands, daigou and buyers receiving goods.

7. Maintain and build on the community’s trust and confidence in the daigou practice of cross border buying.

8. Conduct their business reflectively and ethically



1. 诚实守信。

2. 遵循澳中跨境贸易的有关法律法规。

3. 确保获得的个人信息合理利用,保护客户隐私。

4. 提供与产品相关的公正、诚实、准确的信息。

5. 在国内买家有需求或接收海外货物时,帮助中国买家做出明智的决策。

6. 维护和建立有跨境购买的中国客户群体对代购信任和信心。

7. 反思代购行为并在道德层面上规范代购行为。

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