Daigou traders provide Australian brands with cost effective marketing and sales

But without an effective industry body this channel remains fragmented and largely ineffective.

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The main objectives of ACDA are to:

  • Provide informational programs and opportunities for the Australian business community to network with Chinese traders (daigou) conducting cross border trade;
  • Host events with Australian daigou and Australian businesses;
  • Represent members’ views to Australian and Chinese policy makers and act as a conduit between governments and the Australian daigou community;
  • Develop and support a code of conduct for daigou cross border trading; and
  • Develop and maintain a high level of support for the membership through Association activities and relevant government-initiated programs.

Here’s how we got started…

Founded in 2017, ACDA actively promotes cooperation and understanding, between Australian businesses and the Chinese communities within Australia conducting daigou cross border trading.

ACDA plays an influential role as an advisor to many Australian companies on leveraging daigou trading as a means to establish brand recognition within China as well as facilitating relations with daigou to help initiate cross border selling. The ACDA established a daigou ‘code of conduct’ which fosters professional trading standards and sets out quality levels for both the daigou trader and their brand partners.

The ACDA provides regular business-focused activities for our members. We also sponsor a series of events each year which include a day of networking in Sydney to meet with key Daigou Traders, Australian Government Ministers and senior officials, and host an annual China trade mission with an outstanding Australian or international China expert.

The Australia China Daigou Association has close links with large retail groups in China, as well as with Chinese daigou shops/gift stores in Australia. Our mission at ACDA is to create a recognition within the Australian business community of the value daigou provide in both brand development and cross border sales and in turn assist the daigou trader to become a more effective, professional brand advocate to their buyers back in China.

Membership Benefits

Membership Events

ACDA provides regular industry events to bring together daigou and Australian brands to interact and engage.

Daigou Research

The daigou trading environment is largely unknown to the brands looking to exploit this channel. The ACDA conducts research into daigou trading and trends. Reports are made availible to members.


ACDA looks to bring members together with regular social 'get togethers' to facilitate business networking and exchanges of ideas.

Industry Lobby Group

The daigou trading community has never had a voice within Governemnt or representation within related Industry bodies. ACDA will actively represent it's membership in a range of industry working groups and Government bodies.

Real Testimonials

wattlehealth australia

WattleHealth Australia

“Becoming a member of ACDA was obvious for our organisation. The daigou are already actively purchasing our products and we are interested in leveraging the insights and research ACDA will supply.” Laz Karasavvidis (Chairman, WattleHealth Australia)

daigousales australia


“I am pleased to become a Corporate member of the ACDA. We look forward to being an active member and helping our customers make the most of this organisation.” Dr. Mathew McDougall (Chief Executive Officer, Daigou Sales)

australian natural care

Australian NaturalCare

“Working with the daigou community is new for us and being able to join ACDA offers us a chance to learn and understand more. At ANC we wish to find ways to help all our customers buy our products.” Peter Jamieson (Managing Director, Australian NaturalCare)

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